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AISLE: The space between two arcades or between an arcade and an outer wall.

ARCADE:    A row of arches supported by columns or piers. 

BAILEY: The outer courtyard of a castle; also, the wall surrounding the courtyard

 BARBICAN: An outwork from which the gateway or entrance to a castle was defended. 

BASTION: A solid masonry projection. 

BATTLEMENTS: The notched top of a defensive wall. 

CASTELLAN: The officer  in charge of a castle.

CURTAIN: The connecting wall joining towers of a castle. 

CURTAIN WALL: An exterior wall or a section of that wall between two gates or towers. Some castle had two sets of curtain walls. 

DONJON: A great tower in a castle; a keep.

DRAWBRIDGE: A movable bridge. Early drawbridges were removed horizontally like a gangway. 

FOSSE: A ditch. 

GALLEY: A long passage or room. 

HALL: The principal room in the keep, used for receiving guests and for a major entertainments. 

KEEP: The strongest tower of a castle. Usually where the lord lived. 

LANCET: A tall narrow, pointed window. 

LOOP: A narrow opening for the discharge of missiles or arrows

MEURTRIERES: Murder holes, for dropping stones on those below. . 

MOAT: A ditch, usually filled with water, surrounding a castle. A common first line of defense.

MOTTE: A high mound of earth on which a lord's residence is placed  ussually during the eleventh-and-twelfth-century castles. 

MOTTE-AND-BAILEY CASTLE: An early form of castle with a wooden or stone keep. 

ORATORY: A small private chapel usually in a house 

PALACE: The official residence of a sovereign.

PALISADE: A wooden defensive fence. 

PARAPET: A low wall on the outer side of the main wall, protecting the front of the entry walk.

QUADRANGLE: Inner courtyard. 

SHELL KEEP: Circular or oval wall surrounding inner portion of castle. 

SIEGE: Surrounding and attacking a castle, usually, a prolonged attack.

SLITS: Narrow opening in a wall through which defenders can fire arrows at attackers.

SOLAR: Upper living room of medieval house or cattle, often over the hall. 

WALL WALK: A passage along  the castle wall.

YETT: Iron gate.


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