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The 3 main editors of this web site are:

Jaime  -  President and Chief Webmaster
He has a masters in artificial intelligence and robotics from Rice University.  He used to work at NASA as a robotics researcher.  He is founder of this web site.  He continuously travels the world in search of new castles and adventures.  His tasks are management, programming, web maintenance, and many others.

Lucy - Vice President, Content Editor and Historian
She has a college degree in world history.  She has worked in travel related jobs before joining this project.  Her tasks are content editing, email, marketing and sales.

Julio - Architect and Researcher
He has a masters in architecture with a specialty in classical and Romanesque architecture.  He is currently retired from architecture and spends his time on this web site.  His tasks consist of researching castles and placing them on the web site.

In addition to the above 3 editors, many others have contributed to this web site.

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Castles, broadly defined can probably be traced back to prehistory. The word CASTLE is derived from the Latin castrum, a fortified military camp usually surrounded by a palisade and a ditch. However, a castle is most often associated with the western Middle Ages and is more strictly defined as a large fortified stronghold inhabited by a lord.  

A castle is essentially a combination of military and domestic architecture, a place where the owner can find security from his enemies.

The passion for castles comes to me at a very young age. The security I felt was like protecting my self from the enemy, which at the age of eleven was cancer. I have devoted a lot of my free time to the study and touring CASTLES AROUND THE WORLD.

This web site started at Rice University in 1995 where I graduated with a master degree in Robotics. 

I hope you enjoy the grandeur and opulence of the castles and the romance and chivalry of its dwellers as much as I have.

I want to thank Guenther Netal, Joanne Winters and Khristina Miller for their numerous contributions to this site.

If you would like to contribute to this site please let me know.

Jaime Fernandez Jr.


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