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Location: River Tauber
Country: Germany
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Around 970 The east Franconian Earl Reinger sets up the parish in the district now know as Detwang. (today part of the town).  He builds the Comburg Castle near Schwabisch Hall and the Grafenburg on the promontory above the river Tauver. (Hence the name. "Ob der Tauber"

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The Burgtor (Castle Gate)
We enter the site of the castle, now converted to gardens El (Burggarten), via a side portal. On the left is the tallest gate tower in the town. After the castles were destroyed in 1356 by an earthquake, this gate became essential, and was erected immediately in the years that followed. The outer gate with its coats of arms and guard house and customs house with their pointed gables were added prior to 1600. On the middle gate, the openings for the drawbridge chains can still be seen, together with the mask from whose mouth hot pitch could be poured onto attackers. A so called needle-eye in the inner gate wing enabled individuals to be let in without the sentries having to open the entire door. During the hours of darkness when the city gates were closed, people were only allowed to leave and enter with the express approval of the council.

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.The Castle Gardens
The middle path leads to the only large building in the to well-kept gardens.
The Duke of Rothenburg's castle once stood on the protruding rock overhang. In spite of the earthquake in 1356, the old castle keep was preserved until 1282, but was then demolished, and now, old pictures and documents are the only reminders of the castle. After the Duke's family line died out in 1 108, the powerful Hohenstaufen family acquired ownership of the castle. They had a much bigger building, the "Imperial Castle", built in the front part of what is today the castle gardens. Under its protection, a flourishing community of servants and craftsman developed between the 12th and 14th centuries. At the beginning of the 15th century it covered an area of 400 square metres and had a total population of 20,000, distributed throughout the city and 167 estate villages.


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The Market Square.
Ever since it was built, the market square has formed the pulsating center of the town. As well as being the location of the weekly market, it serves as a meeting point for the locals. He historical Melstertrunk;. former mayor Nusch is draining an enormous tankard containing three and a quarter liters of Franconian wine, whilst the Emperor's General Illy nods in amazement. The old town clock dates 1683. 


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The tower of Kobolzell Gate, which protected the entry to the town from the Tauver Valley. 
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The castles gate is decorated with the coats of arms of the city and the empire, and on the right, on the outer gate, is the coat of arms of the Dukes of Rothenburg and Comburg. 
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During the Romantic period of German art, the well preserved medieval town became a Mecca for painters and poets.

 Rothenburg is now a paradise for shopping for all kinds of german art and crafts. One of the largest Christmas store can be found here. During the winter, the town is converted into a large Christmas market, one is dazzled with strings of electric light, and this medieval town is steepped in a magical atmosphere. 

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