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Name: Muiderslot
Location: Muiden
Country: The Netherlands
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Picture provided by Marius Bruyn

The current Muiderslot was built on the foundation of the razed castle, from 1370 to 1386. Robert Dudley, earl of Leicester, lived there during his time as governor of the Netherlands and Pieter Corneliszoon Hooft, a poet, playwright and historian created an artistic renaissance based in the castle from 1613 to 1647. The facade of Muiderslot is forbidding, but the castle shows strong French influence in its drum towers and rectangular layout. A covered walkway runs the length  of the curtain wall.  A characteristic of the medieval fortress residence is the square plan where the living quarters surround an inner court. Muiderlot was an exception to the simplicity of most Dutch castles. In the sixteenth century Renaissance style influenced the rebuilding with shell-and-mask motifs, gables and pilasters added on. This castle appeared after 1250, and it is believed that it   was introduced by the Crusaders returning from the Holy Land.

Helen, 64, from Washington state, wrote:
We toured Muider Castel in March 2000- in the lucky first tour group of the season. The guide spoke Dutch only this first trip, as there were no foreign visitors, but there was a printed handout  available in English. There's a courtyard, with stairs available into a watchtower and helmets for the visitors to try on, up there. Arms in an armour room. a furnished bedchamber, kitchen, eating room; all excite the imagination. We can hardly wait to go back  next March/April.
Nora, 43, from Austria wrote:
Thanks to a Dutch friend of mine, I decided on June 15th, 2000 to visit Muiderslot. I got the last tour and a very friendly warden showed me around. I was very impressed by the information given, the good condition of this castle and the pleasant surroundings. Muiderslot is a must for every lover of medieval castles and fortresses. I have already visited castles in Austria, Denmark, France, Scotland, Greece, Malaysia and Italy and I will be pleased to share my knowledge with everyone, who would like to know more. Just drop me an E-Mail. If I can help, I will be pleased to do so. If you know a very special castle in your home country, whatever well known or not, please let me know!

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