Velez Blanco

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Name: Velez Blanco
Location: Armeria 
Country: Spain
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In 1506, Don Pedro Fajardo, governor of the Kingdom of Murcia, built a castle on the site of the old Moorish fortress of Velez. His small court resided there amidst the luxury befitting the richest lord in southeastern Spain.

The fortress is a superb example of a seignorial castle. It consists of two separate structures, with a ditch between, joined by two large arches. The smaller building, low and rectangular, has embrasures for artillery. The larger, taller building is hexagonal in shape and has a number of towers, one of which, a rectangular one, is clearly the principal tower. The entire castle, tower and walls alike, is crowned by paired battlements terminating in pyramids and spheres that give a luxurious aspect to the building.

The interior contained at one time a Renaissance courtyard built in Italy of marble, but in 1904 it was sold and transported to a palace outside Paris. It was later acquired by George Blumenthal, who donated it to The Metropolitan Museum in New York where the arcade and staircase with their carved ceiling have been reconstructed outside the library.

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