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Basic Info

Name: Anif
Location: Salzburg
Country: Austria

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A water castle built on a lake. It was built in the 16th century by the Archbishop of Salzburg. In 1803 Count Arco-Stepperg bought the property and enlarged it. The abdication of King Ludwig III von Bayem occurred here in 1918. The castle contains an extensive collection of Romanesque art and furniture.

Visitor Accounts

Steppberg, from California, wrote:
This castle is architecturally, as well as in location, one of the most beautiful. How wonderful that the Arco-Von Moy family was able to keep it throughout the generations. The Arco Steppberg castle belonged to my ggrandfather's father (through a morganatic relationship), Count Arco Steppberg. I would like very much to communicate with Anna Von Moy to learn even more information regarding the Arco family and where I might obtain additional history and photographs.
Karen Haukedal, 46, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, wrote:
I remember seeing this beautiful little castle in the 1980's (one could see it from a distance, at the hotel on the adjoining property). Even in the rain, it was picture-perfect! My September 2001 visit…The castle is now privately owned and one cannot even get a glimpse of it (even when one pays far too much for a light lunch at the hotel next door!). The best “view” is right here–on this webpage, and from one aerial shot at the beginning of “The Sound of Music.”..and remember that one episode of “The Scarecrow and Mrs. King”?
Jessica Smith Richardson, 24, from Utha-USA-, wrote:
I have never been to this castle, but would love to one day visit! The information I have to share on this castle is that the 1976 movie The Slipper and the Rose - a Cinderella story, starring Richard Chamberlain and Gemma Crave, was filmed here and also in the Hohenwerfen castle. Both are very beautiful!
Anna Gräfin von Moy, from Salzburg, Austria, wrote:
I just looked at your web page, finding the castle of Anif, and a comment on visiting it. For any further persons who want to come to Anif, I have to tell you that unfortunately this place is not accessible for visitors because it is a private property with people living in it. Kind regards, Anna Gräfin von Moy
Tammy Smith, 55, from Chicago wrote:
This castle is very nice and it is definitely a castle that I would like to live in. I recommend that you go and visit this place when you are in the area

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