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Basic Info

Name: Bittenburg
Country: Austria

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Visitor Accounts

Steve Schmidt, 34, from Chicago, USA, wrote:
I have another submission on a castle I visited back in '86 either in Austria (as I have it marked), or in Liechtenstein. If I recall, it was located in a valley and on the edge of the rise. I can find no information in any of my books, or on the web. It was mostly closed up and not exactly a touristy place, but very interesting. One thing I noticed about a lot of the castles that year was on the large metal plated doors, there were chalk or painted numbers, what I imagined to be some sort of cataloging system, or simply reference to renovation, perhaps. Anyway, there are three images here of this low profile castle, seen from the main road leading up to the gate, through some dense woods, and of the keep, which was a separate building but close by. I have it logged as Bittenburg Castle in Austria.

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