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Basic Info

Name: Hohensalzburg
Location: Salzburg
Country: Austria

Ticket Prices: Adults: € 11,30-€ 8,00
Children(6 – 14 years): € 6,50-€ 4,50

Hours: January to April and October to December: 9.30 - 17.00
May to September: 9.00 - 19.00
Advent weekends and Easter: 9.30 - 18.00



An old favorite city of mine has always been Salzburg. It's unmatched Austrian charm continues to lure me to it. Having been in Salzburg twice, I could not avoid seeing this city a third time this year. Salzburg, just over the border from Germany, has been called the most beautiful of all the European cities, and it's certainly the world's finest and foremost festival town. Ever since Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in a house on Getreidegasse, the city and its surrounding hills have been alive with “the sound of music,” the setting for the play and movie of that name being in the adjacent mountains.
Throughout the summer high season, the streets echo with the music of grand operas and symphony concerts at Festival Hall. And every day there are musical and choir performances, recitals and chamber-music concerts in Salzburg's cathedral, palaces and castles. Among the city's many attractions following the path of the river Salzach are Mozart's home, the fortress high above the city, the mediaeval cathedral, Festival Hall, and the exquisite Mirabell Palace, with its formal gardens. If possible, every attempt should be made to reserve one of the 56 rooms at the legendary Hotel Goldener Hirsch, just steps away from Mozart's house and a Salzburger landmark since 1407. During the Festival, the Goldener Hirsch's restaurant is the favourite meeting place of performers and patron alike.

Visitor Accounts

Megan, 18, from Western USA, wrote:
Hohensalzburg was an amazing trip. The castle is old and beautiful and the tour is very interesting and informative. The view over the city is lovely, and so is the city itself. It embodies all the qualities of a historic European town. It is charming, and the Mozartballs are worth every shilling!
Kris Jackson, 19, from Sask, Canada, wrote:
In the summer of 2000 I visited this castle. One might not think it worth the walk up, but once at the top, it is the greatest view imaginable. The castle is interesting to see and to imagine how they could have built something some extravagant at the time. It is not very busy with other tourists.
Ashlee, 17, from South Dakota, USA, wrote:
This castle is so beautiful. My classmates and I took a nice big field trip to Europe in June 2001. We got to attend a concert in the Prince's Chamber. If you see the castle picture, the first one or the third one, you'll notice the five windows lined up in a row. That is the Prince's Chamber where the concert was held. We took a tram-like car to the top, and the view is incredible, especially at night! I highly recommending on attending a concert here. It's beautiful music!
Betty Nelson, 60, from Southern Illinois, wrote:
I visit here in 1964 and was very impressed. We didn't have to walk up to it. We rode a cale car up the side of it. This is something to brag to the grandkids about and believe me I do. I loved it!!!
Richard Smurthwaite, from Utah, wrote:
Hohensalzburg is worth the visit, partially due to its age (1077 for the oldest parts). Take the tour (available in English), because the view from the tower is great for getting your bearings on the whole city. Don't miss Hohenwerfen, either. Started at the same time. It's just 30-40 km south of Salzburg on the Autobahn. Very impressive setting!

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