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Basic Info

Name: Kufstein
Location: Kufstein
Country: Austria

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Provided by Steve Schmidt Provided by Steve Schmidt

Visitor Accounts

Steve Schmidt, 34, from Chicago, USA, wrote:
I have visited many castles in Holland, Germany, Austria and France, but I believe Kufstein to be one of the most interesting historically. It is also very photogenic. I am a photographer who delights in the details of the architecture and it's attributes; just look at some of the plate metal doorways and the variable level passageways that they are attached to. A must see!
Helmut Payr, 19, from Austria wrote:
The Festung Kufstein is incredibly big! There are several sections you can visit! In this time the Festung is going to be restored. There is an elevator in it so you haven't go up the stairs. Since last year you have to pay an entrance fee to go up to the Festung! You have and incredibly good view from there! There is a restaurant where you can eat very fine food. There is a museum where you can travel through the history of Kufstein. All in all the Festung is always worth to be visited.

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