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Basic Info

Name: Riegersburg
Location: Riegersbur, Styria
Country: Austria

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Visitor Accounts

Samuel, 30 from Atlanta, GA. USA
The best time of year to visit Reigersburg Castle is definitely late summer to early fall when the scenery is changing. While you are visiting the castle be sure to take in the local culture by stopping at farms that sell hot fresh chestnuts and early wine called STURM. This castle was never taken while Austria was invaded by the Turks. The raptor show is a real thrill and the witch exhibition very interesting.
A castle lover from Austria wrote:
An impressive landmark of Eastern Styria, this monumental fortress towers atop a volcanic rock. The oldest castle complex was built here around 1100 A.D. Defence walls extending more than 3 kilometers, 11 bastions and 7 gate houses surround the 15 hectares on the large rocky plateau, rendering the citadel impregnable. It has been privately owned by the Liechtensteins since 1822. Today, 2 exhibitions are housed in 108 rooms of the fortress: The entire first floor, incl. the state rooms, is devoted to the 900 year old history of the princely Liechtenstein family, whereas the basement is home to the continuation of the famous 1987 Styrian Provincial Exhibition “Witches and Wizards”.
Birgit, from Voitsberg, Styria, Austria, wrote:
This castle is one of the most beautiful castles left over. They say that on clear days you can see as far as Hungary from the top of the castle. It is especially marvelous in autumn as all the woods have changed their color! The best things are probably the witch-exhibition and the raptor show! Anyway it sure is well worth a visit!

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