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Name: Hluboka Nad Vltavou
Location: near Ceske Budejovice
Country: Czech Republic

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This royal castle was founded in the mid-13th century in a sensitive place on the border of the interest on power of the Premyslid rules and the South Bohemina Vitkovicz magnates. During the 15th and 16th centuries direct royal administration made way for the pledge possession of the castle by Czech lords, whose number included the pernstejns among the most important of them. Vilem of Perstejn laid the foundations of fishing enterprise in Sough Bohemia. Among others, he also founded nearby Bezdrev Pond. In the 16th century Hluboka was in the ownership of the lords of Hared. In 1581 Baltazar Maio da Ronio reconstructed the castle for Adam Hradec, converting it into a Renaissance chateau. During the Thirty years war Hluboka was the seat of the imperial general don Baltazar de Marradas, who surrounded it with and extensive fortification system.

In 1661 the Hluboka property was purchased by the Schwarzenbergs, who had the chateau rebuilt in Baroque style (1707-1721 Pavel I. Bayer, 1721-1728 Antonio E. Martinelli). However, this building phase was also not destined to be preserved. After the transfer of the family seat from Cesky Krumlov the chateau was rebuilt from 1841 to 1871 after a project of Frantisek Beer with the participation of F. D. Deworetzky and others. The generally strictly romantic Neo-Gothic conception of the reconstruction finally receded in the adaptation of the interiors in favour of widely understood historism. This was connected with the shifting of interest to the Renaissance and Baroque periods as well as with an endeavor to display the family collections of furniture, paintings, arms, artifacts of an artistic craft character and tapestries.

Taken from: “The Land of Castles and Chateaux”
The History of Feudal Seats in Bohemia and Moravia.
Dalibor Kusak - Jiri Burian
Panorama Praha

Visitor Accounts

Joe canterbury, 32, Seattle, wrote:
I know this castle intimately, as I was married there on October 14, 1994 inside the beautiful chapel. Although the castle carries a relatively new facade, it has the look, feel and grandeur of a gothic castle and sits in a truly enchanting corner of bohemia. It made for an unforgettably exquisite and romantic background to our beautiful wedding. Anyone wanting to know the inside story of the castle and how to be married there can write
Ron, 31, from New York, wrote:
While visiting Czech recently I took 2 weeks just checking out a lot of castles. Among them were Karlstejn, Krumlov, Prague Castle and the Powder Tower within, as well as Neuschwanstein and others but nothing was like the interior of Hlubloka. The deer sculptures that line all the walls at the entrance are just the beginning of some of the most beautiful wood working and sculpture and stained glass I have ever seen. It's hard to believe anyone lived here and that it was just taken away. I highly recommend this tour (although I had it in Czech, I believe they offer it in English also- luckily my fiancée is Czech and translated the whole time). I actually recommend all the castles I've seen and if you enjoy ruins try around Ostrava, Hukvaldy was great. Stop at the small pub in the entry tower.
Barbi B. 18, from Missouri, Middle USA. wrote:
I absolutely love castles in general and this one is just astounding!! All of the feature ,the detail is amazing. This is one of the only ways left to see, feel and understand some of the ways of the past times. thank you for these pictures, They are just absolutely wonderful!!
Jericca Lynn Lawson, 12, from Kansa City Missouri, wrote:
Stone Castles first existed in the 9th Century. The Castle was held together with mortar. The mortar held the bricks of the castle together. Walls could be as thick as thirty feet.

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