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Basic Info

Name: Karlstejn
Location: Near Prague
Country: Czech Republic

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Karlstein Castle differs entirely from other 14th century castles and also from the other founded by the same person. In Prague Charles IV built a family, royal and imperial residence based on the genius Ioci, Kasperk and Radyne as watch castles, Lauf at Nuremberg and Tangermunde in the center of the imperial feoffs and domains and other big and small castles as hunting seats or places to halt at on journeys.

At Karlstein, however, Charles IV fully developed in architectural forms the whole complicated system of his world outlooks and ideas on state, the ideology of the monarchal powers of the Czech king and his imperial dignity. His richly developed mystic thinking and feeling, his allegorical fantasy and the high demands he placed on culture predetermined the building programme of the castle. The foundation stone of Karlstein was laid in 1348 and the main building works lasted to 1356, the year of Charle's coronation as emperor. Charles Iv devoted care to the rich interior decoration of the castle until the time of his death on 1378.

Visitor Accounts

Phil, 23, fromNY, wrote:
If you like castles, Central Europe (Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria) is the place to go. Although many criticize the castle Karlstejn of having poor interiors, from simply an architectural perspective the castle is jewel. Castle Karlstejn was actually rebuilt in the 1800s in the romantic/neo-gothic style. A castle has always stood there, but it was not nearly as beautiful as it is today. There is not much furniture, because one, castles of the middle ages lacked it for most part, and two, the furniture that was taken to other castles, or may have been destroyed; fires were not an unusual. Most castles with ton of pretty furniture had that furniture added in the renaissance, baroque, roccoco periods, that is if they have been in much use. Karlstejn really has not been the case. But again granted that the interior are not the most impressive, in terms of purely architecture, Karlstejn is one of the best looking castles in the world.
Michel Verhagen, 21, from Netherlands, wrote:
I didn't think it was that beautiful!! We spent a day on our holidays in Prague!! Wonderful.
Ivan, 27, from Tabor Czech Republic, wrote:
Growing up with castles all around and being able to see them when I have only one appreciation for them. Their design. But the castles of Czech is not the only impressive ones. All of Eastern Europe is full of beauty and wonder. Go to Romania and spend the night in Dracula's castle just outside of capital and up north by Moldova. Or if you have time St Petersburg Russia. The Peoples Palace is beautiful during White Nights. But then I am just European who loves his culture and beauty a round it. Come to Eastern Europe and visit us.
Mike Ruth, 29, from Baltimore, Maryland, wrote:
I took my girlfriend here in Sept. 1999 to propose to her ! Growing up, I spent many summers in Prague with my grandparents and this was always my favorite castle. Whenever my grandfather asked where I wanted to go I said “Karlstejn”. The view is spectacular, situated on top of a valley with the town winding below. WOW! That is all I can say. It is definitely one of my favorite places in the world to visit and dream out of! Besides, this is where the rest of my new life will begin!
Stepan Cerny, 22, from Czech Republic, wrote:
I am a citizen of the Czech Republic and I have been to Karlstejn several times. Its one of my favorite places. It has worth to visit for everyone. However, there isn't only castle but there is a real nice nature all around Karlstejn. So don't hesitate. I can only recommend it.
Daniel, 27, from Ireland, wrote:
I got the tour of this castle last week, and I have to say it seems not much ever happened at this castle. Supposedly a load of Swedes tried to steal some crown jewels from there in the 15th century, but not much else. There's a pretty cool well room, but it looks like it would have been very easy for besiegers to access from below. Also, there are at least two other hills nearby of higher elevation which would appear to be ideal points for catapult assault. The heavily wooded environs would also seem to work against the defenders. It looks quite pretty, but I couldn't see this castle standing up to much punishment. Don't miss it if you're in the Czech Republic though.
Dennis, 20, from São Paulo, wrote:
Karlstejn actually is much more impressive from outside than from inside. It is quite empty but worth anyway. Try to contact the castles administration for they to allow you to visit the gothic room which is normally closed. It is said to be the most beautiful gothic room of all. I haven't seen it, but the pictures I saw showed it's great.
Kevin, 20, from Orlando, Fl. wrote:
The castle is majestic and breathtaking, as you walk from the parking lot to the castle, its beauty is incomparable. The brisk 15 minute hike up to the Karlstejn is well worth it. I can only imagine the terrible time the enemies endured trying to attack this impenetrable castle. I was tired just from the walk up to it, I can't imagine being ordered to attack it. I definitely recommend this castle to anyone visiting Prague.
DWalters, 43, from Midwest, wrote:
There is a private chapel inside this castle where Charles IV spent much of his time in prayer. There is a short door so a servant could pass him food. The walls are inland with translucent reflective colored stones of various types. It is very small, large enough for only one person, and very impressive. Once you see it, if the guide allows it, you will not soon forget it.
Kris Dragan, 25, from Poland wrote:
Although this castle looks very impressive when you're reaching it, the interior is not worth visiting. Look around the courtyard and save money for something else. Almost everything inside is a copy and the rooms are hardly furnished.
Clare Anderson, from Australia, wrote:
This Castle is unbelievable! t is beautiful inside, and outside. It has the best design of a castle I have ever seen! from all the castles I have been to I love this one the best. I recommend you go to Prague and take a look at this beautiful Castle!!!!
Brian Svendborg, 19, from Copenhagen, Denmark wrote:
I´ll never been inside Karlstejn, but I have seen it from the outside! It I worth a visit. When I was there it was with my old school, and I was the only one who wanted to see the castle from the inside. I wish for everybody to see the castle if you are in Prague, it is right beside the city…Go for it, you will never forget it! Brian.

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