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Location: Sussex
Country: England

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The barbican of Lewes in Sussex is a Norman shell-keep-castle with much of its 12th. century walls intact, seven feet thick, these walls rise nearly twenty feet from the courtyard to the wall-walk.

Lewes built under William I, had two mounds, one at each end of a long, oval bailey. The original keep, of wood, was on the north mound. This was, perhaps, built in the first year or two after the Conquest. Then the permanent stone shell-keep was set up on the south mound.

Visitor Accounts

Stephen J ROWELL, from Lewes, Sussex wrote:
I found your site whilst browsing on a wet English afternoon and I must say thoroughly enjoyed it. (It is now added to my favorites). Well done. I do have a question however. As my wife and I live in LEWES, Sussex -a town with strong American links- I wondered why there is no listing for Lewes castle. The first castle started by William the Conqueror in 1086, initially in wood and then in flint. One of only two castles in Britain with two bailey's, the other being Lincoln. One of Lewes's bailey's is without the walls (as in outside, not no walls), Lincoln's is within. We have a very large number of American visitors to Lewes because of the Tom Paine connection and I just thought it may be worthy of inclusion.

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