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Name: Alnwick
Location: Northumberland
Country: England

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Alnwick was besieged by William the Lion, King of Scotland in 1172 and 1774 . On the second try, the castle was recaptures. In the fourteenth century, Alnwick was bought from the Bishop of Durham by Henry Percy who began a major renovation. Piercy rebuilt the shell keep by enlarging it with seven semicircular towers added in a form called cluster donjon. From 1404 to 1405 Percy rebelled against Henry IV and the castle as taken. In the nineteenth century Alnwick was restored to its original medieval appearance by the architect Anthony Salvin.

Visitor Accounts

Marie Robson, 45, from Northumberland, UK, wrote:
Alnwick Castle has also recently opened what will be an internationally renowned garden covering 12 acres with extensive water features. This one is not to be missed! Costing a projected 14 million pounds, the first phase opened on 1st October 2001 and will be absolutely stunning when complete. You can visit the garden site at
Hannah, 18, from Manchester, wrote:
This looks a huge castle but in fact, because it's inhabited, there is a comparatively small section to see. Of this section there are numerous treasures to see including fabulous paintings, beautiful furniture, and an extraordinary collection of books but if it's a true castle you want to see then this isn't the castle for you. The castle is more an example of Victorian extravagance than medieval life when the castle was originally built. The castle is anachronistic. You won't find damp, stone floors, old toilets, and a drafty atmosphere like most castles exhibit. You find antiques of all ages crammed into every room, marble or carpeted floors and photographs of the inhabiting family. The castle is still worth going to see for all of the above but not for seeing a what castles were used for when the were so vital and important for the security of England.
Cherryl Brunner, 37, from Southeast USA, wrote
For Americans this castle is an unique treat - because it is apart of the American Heritage Trail as the Percy's fought during the Revolutionary War. It is special to me, because as a college student, I had the wonderful privilege of participating in a foreign study program at this Castle.

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