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Basic Info

Name: Carisbrooke
Location: Isle of Wight
Country: England

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Carisbroke, with its mighty late medieval gateway, has always been the largest and strongest fortress on the Isle of Wight. Its defenses were strengthened in Tudor times and the Round heads kept Charles I prisoner there.

Carisbrooke was the centre from which the Governor of the Isle of Wight administers the island, living in some splendor. However the 16th. century fortifications were highly professional, designed by Elizabeth I's favourite military architect, Gianibelli.

Visitor Accounts

Stephen Vincent, 23, from St George, Utah, wrote:
The Carisbrooke Castle is a stunning site, elevating majestically above the bustling town of Newport, the central town on the Isle of Wight. I lived in Newport for four months, while on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and I used to love to go walk by the castle. The gray stone walls rise so eloquently above the green grassy hillsides. And the central towers of the castle just loom above the walls in a way that is simply spectacular. It's quite a sight. I think that I went inside three times, and it was great fun to walk around the walls, see the cannons, and watch the mules work like hamsters in that gigantic wheel. It's well worth the four pounds– or whatever they charge now– to go visit this castle.
Dave Stewart, 16 from Isle of Wight, UK, wrote:
I have done a whole GCSE history coursework on this castle, and it is certainly a very interesting place. The castle fell into disrepair before WWI, but much of the main infrastructure still remains. The Isle of Wight was seen to be of great importance due to its strategically position. If you conquered the Island, you had a good base from which position you could conquer the whole of southern England. Indeed, the Spanish Armada had the Isle of Wight as a back up plan - if it were to fail, it should attempt to conquer the Island. Of course, this never happened. The castle was attacked twice, but once had to surrender immediately due to the well running dry - hence the second well which was built.
Jason Wemyss, 12, from England, wrote:
A very good castle to visit and is at the heart of the Isle of Wight. This castle is a very important castle on the island as the saying says. “He who owns Carisbrooke castle owns the Isle of Wight. View from the keep is spectacular and you can see the whole island from it. Wow!

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