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Basic Info

Name: Conisbrough
Location: Yorkshire
Country: England

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Visitor Accounts

Rebecca, 11, from England, wrote:
Conisbrough Castle is an excellent place to visit and it is a fun place for all the family Did you know that the people that lived there, to dye there clothes they used Men's Urine! Also when they had a meal they stay for about five hours at a time then the women had to leave and then that room would become the Men's own private pub! The best time to go and see Conisbrough Castle is in Summer and it is a days excitement!
John Pilkington, 41, from , Conisbrough Castle, wrote:
Conisbrough Castle is probably one of the finest examples of Norman castle architecture anywhere in the North of England.
Neil Armstrong, 29, from England, wrote:
I live in Conisbrough, have done most of my life except for a 9 year stint in the Armed Forces. It is easy to ignore the beauty and majesty of Conisbrough Castle, being resident there. But, every now and again, one can be passing on one of the main artery roads around the Castle and be reminded, in a swift blow, what a tremendous example it is. The keep is in excellent condition, the staff are very friendly and it is a very interesting sight since the Keep's refurbishment. I would recommend Conisbrough Castle to anybody.
Hannah, 18, from Manchester, England, wrote:
Conisbrough is a ruined castle with little see but its keep which is in excellent condition. There are useful bits of information around the castle explaining what was originally there before it was left to ruin and also what the use would have been for that part of the castle. The staff are highly informed and helpful. They are too pleased to answer any questions you might have and have enthusiasm to sort out any problems you might have however trivial they may seem.
SCW. 18, from Utah, ISA, wrote:
This is a great castle. We were just passing by and stopped to see what it was, and it was amazing. They have reconstructed the inside of the tower. They take you up inside the tower and put on this whole show recreating what it was like during a siege on the castle. It was creepy, but way cool. It really conveys the feeling of what it would be like to live there. I don't know if they are still doing the presentations, I was there in 1998.

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