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Basic Info

Name: Corfe
Location: Dorset
Country: England


Visitor Accounts

Alex, 13, from England, wrote,
My first thought when I saw this piece of English history was, “What a dump!” But later on the trip, we went to Corfe and saw this castle. wow. This castle gives an excellent view of the area and has a vast amount of history attached to it, and the guide was excellent! my sister will be going in 4 years, I hope she takes more photos!
John Corfe, 54, from Hertfordshire, wrote:
I have visited Corfe castle on four different times with my family, son daughter and wife I think Corfe castle is a fine piece of English history with its royal background and its demise by Cromwell during the civil war. Situated on a high Purbeck hill its view is very impressive, you can tell by standing on any one point of the castle that its enemies had no chance of a surprise attack against it. that is why Oliver Cromwell's army only way of destroying the castle was by a traitor inside the castle letting them in. otherwise Corfe castle would still be standing in all of its former glory, now that would be a sight for sore eyes
Katie Hobbs, 12, from England, wrote:
When I was about eight or nine I went with my mum to Corfe castle. As I saw it for the first time I thought oh my god I've got to walk up this hill!!! But at the top an amazing sight lay before my eyes. As I sat there I realized how lucky I was to be there, you see we were staying with at a relatives house I hope to visit the castle again for it is magnificent and maybe one day I'll get married and move to Dorset, it's one of my favorite places, and then take my kids there.
Kirsty, 15, from England, wrote:
I have passed Corfe Castle every year for 15 years and have been around it about about 4 times. The castle and it's surroundings are so beautiful, the castle is just as beautiful seen while standing on the Purbeck hill's than it is close up standing on it's grounds! I hope in another 15 years I'll be able to take my children to Corfe castle as my parents have been doing with me.
Kathy Pawelek, 52, from Central Oregon. wrote:
On my 3rd trip to England, I finally made it to Corfe. As a Greyhound owner and lover of the Breed, I couldn't resist a stop at the Greyhound Inn at Corfe. The Inn was quaint, the Castle ruins picturesque, and the small town adjoining was lovely. What more could you ask for? I found it well worth the visit and plan to take my husband with on our next trip “across the pond' in Oct. of 2001.
Ian Preen, 58, from Forth Worth, Texas, USA, wrote:
I used to visit Corfe Castle as a child in the 1950s. In those days you were able to scramble up and down the motte without any kind of restriction and probably into the castle grounds as well. It is one of my favorite places on the planet, and I have plans to take my wife, who is an American, to see it. She loves this stuff. We have visited Dover, Pevensey and Chepstow castles in the last three years. Only lack of time prevents us from seeing more. I think I still have some pictures from those days.

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