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Name: Dover
Location: Kent
Country: England

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When William the Conqueror defeated Harold II at Hastings he headed towards Dover where the Angle-Saxons had already raised a burh. William improved this fortification by erecting a motte-and-bailey. Dover Castle has the most massive tower in Britain, an almost 100-foot cube with walls from seventeen to twenty-one feet thick. In 1216 the castle was besieged by Louis, son of the French king but saved when Louis returned to France.

Built on the original site of an ancient Saxon fortification, Dover Castle superbly potioned on top of the high cliffs, has helped defend the town from 1198 when Henry II first built the keep, right up to World War II, when it was used as the command post for the Dunkirk evacuation.

Visitor Accounts

Carolyn Winslow, 54, from USA, North Carolina, wrote: If you must choose one castle in England, this is an excellent choice. It had everything I had dreamed of seeing, except for water in the moat! The underground tunnel tour is wonderful too. Allow 4-5 hours so that you can walk at a more leisurely pace and see everything. It was well worth the train ride from London and the taxi ride up to the castle entrance to visit this site.
Katarina Aschenbrenner, 18, from Watertown, WI, wrote: I just wanted to share about my experience at Dover Castle. I was on a trip to Europe to explore England France and Italy during the summer of 2000 with my school. We came in mid afternoon to Dover, England where we were to spend the night and leave early in the morning on the ferry to France. My friends and I decided to hike from our hotel up to Dover castle although it was closed. We watched the sun set from the White Cliffs and I shared one of the most memorable moments with my friends… Dover Castle is beautiful! I didn't even get the chance to tour the castle but my friends and I felt taking pictures next to the castle and just experiencing the atmosphere that comes along with being close to a place holding so much history was enough to create an everlasting memory. Someday I hope to travel back to England and actually make my way into the castle… but until that time comes I will always remember my evening a top the white cliffs exploring the outer parts of Dover Castle as my favorite memory from my first trip to Europe!
George Cox, 36, from Alabama, wrote: The secret war tunnels were great. The recreation of the seige of 1612 by the children was precious. This castle is a must for children under 13.
Rick Jones, 30, from Kent, wrote: Dover is spoilt. Not only does it have the world famous White Cliffs, but sat upon them is what is without doubt one of the finest castles anywhere. I live in Dover and have visited the castle many times, I never get bored of it. I even built a massive virtual tour of the castle (as well as the rest of Dover) which you can see on my web site at If you've never been to Dover Castle, make sure you do, you'll love it!
Pete, 44, from Idaho, wrote: Visited Dover Castle in June 2000 on a day trip from London. A really nice town that for us was pleasantly not overrun with tourists at the time. The castle and the secret underground tunnels were highlights. The food in the cafeteria there was quite good as well. Dress warmly, however!!
Cat and Val, 18 and 19, from North Carolina USA, wrote: We took a day trip to Dover on our visit to London and Paris. Dover Castle was the highlight of our trip. We used at least 4 rolls of film on it. Our favorite part of the castle was the fact that they allow you to explore on your own. The views of the English channel and the white cliffs are amazing. Anyone who travels to England should make a point of going to see Dover Castle. But if you go during the winter like we did, make sure you were VERY WARM clothing.
Taylor Smith, from California USA, wrote: My family and I visited Dover castle during a tour of England and France in the summer of 1999. Dover castle was definitely a highlight of the trip. The WWII operations center in the secret underground tunnels is one of the best historical exhibits I have ever seen. I was so inspired by this visit that I decided to set my next novel partially in WWII Dover. The novel is titled “deadly grace” and will be in bookstores in late 2001 or early 2002. - Taylor Smith, author of the innocents club, guilt by silence, and other novels of suspense.
Dan Sullivan, 46, from USA wrote: I've visited over 30 castles and I think Dover is the best. It has changed little from the time of Henry II and truly maintains its medieval character. It is a true fighting castle that commands respect. Situated at a point closest to France it has protected Britain for over 900 years. The keep is the largest in the country. Don't miss this one.
Randy J. Hendrix, 50 from Lubbock, Texas USA I found Dover Castle to be one of the most enjoyable parts of our trip to England. The history and also the condition of the castle after all these centuries is amazing! It gave a lot of insight as to how people of the past lived…and died. It is well worth the visit to see! Hopefully, I will return one day!
Kimika Sweeney, 12, from Londron, wrote: I liked Dover castle because it gave me a historical feel. We are studying medieval realms in history at school, and me and some of my friends went there on a review day with my mum and dad. I liked the way the kings chair spoke, and he tapirs were very old. I am not scared of heights, but sadly we couldn't go all the way to the top because of bad weather. the following dyes I wrote a really good book report. if any body hasn't been there yet, go! I am sure that it is a great experience for all ages. Even my MUM enjoyed it!
Ross Slee, from Kent, wrote: I live in Dover and have the delight of looking at this magnificent castle every day. I have visited it many times, each time being as good as before. The views are great from the top of the keep and the new exhibitions are both educational and interesting. The wartime tunnels are also a marvel and reveal secrets from the war. This is by far the best castle in the country.
Erin Kinne, 15, from Arizona, USA, wrote. I lived in England for 3 years and I traveled around to many castles. My favorite one is Dover castle because it is right off of the White Cliffs of Dover and it has a gorgeous view of the English Channel. This castle is amazing with tunnels to an underground hospital, used in WWII. If you are here it is amazing to see.
Roger Walkden, 51, from Kent wrote: Dover Castle is English Heritage's Premier Site. Perched high on the Cliff top overlooking the Town of Dover, the Castle can be seen for miles around and is a wonderful welcome site atop the White Cliffs of Dover, (immortalized by Dame Vera Lynn) from on board ship, whether a Cruise Liner or a ferry. There are the Hellfire Corner Tunnels, used extensively during the last war and home to Lord Ramsey and Winston Churchill on many occasion whilst they worked on the evacuation of Dunkirk and other War-time operations. The underground Hospital; the Anglo-Saxon Church and Roman Light-House; The Castle Keep itself with the exhibition of the siege of 1216, when the French tried to invade; Henry V111 floor, a wonderful site.

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