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Basic Info

Name: Dunster
Location: Somerset
Country: England

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Visitor Accounts

Carole H Stevenson, 64, from Alaska, wrote:
I have a book passed down to my family titled “Somerset” published in 1934 by Great Western Railway Co, Paddington Station, London, W.2, AUTHOR: Maxwell Fraser, F.R.G.S. Regarding Dunster Castle. My grandmother was Harriett Luttrell, her father was Isiac Luttrell, ancestors came from England and went to Ontario, Canada. They were related to the original Luttrell family. Amy Luttrell, l8, from Kentucky wrote your web page who is tracing the Luttrell's and Dunster Castle. Please forward my e-mail on to her. Thanks, Carole
Gillian Eveleigh, 54, from Alberta, Canada, wrote:
As I sit here writing this letter ,I have a picture of Dunster Castle on my wall ,Keeping the wonderful memory in my mind . I used to live near by ,and how I miss that magnificent sight . We visit it every time we are “home” . It is even more special now as my Cousin runs the Castle .Cant wait until I am there again.
Amy Luttrell, 18, from Kentucky USA, wrote:
I have not been to Dunster Castle as of yet, however I do wish to attend a trip to see it. Researching my family history, my family and I have found that we are ancestors to the Luttrell's who owned Dunster Castle. I think it would be truly magnificent if me and my family were able to take a trip to England and see what life our ancestors held at the castle. I truly envy all the people who are able to see the lovely and breath-taking castle known as “ Dunster .”
Jennifer Venville Nicol, from Canada, wrote:
My first visit to Dunster Castle was in 1961. The Castle belonged to the Luttrell family at the time. My family and I were staying at the Luttrell Arms Hotel located right in the village . One day we went to the castle as we had heard that they gave guided tours. Dunster was a much sleepier place in those days, of course, and a small group of us were led around part of the castle. I remember being impressed by the Leather Wall tapestries and the carved staircase. The views from the Castle are panoramas mostly since the countryside is beautiful around that area and the Castle stands on high ground. My youngest brother got lost whilst we were touring the castle and it was some time before we found him in one of the rooms not on the tour!! On the way out we saw Lady Luttrell arriving in her car with a driver. I remember going through the lovely Castle grounds and coming across a pet cemetery containing the graves of pets the Luttrell family had owned over the years, all appropriately marked. I made two subsequent visits to the Castle in later years and enjoyed them a great deal subsequent occasions and will always be very fond of the place.
LARRY A. DUNSTER, 58, from South Carolina wrote:
The Dunster Village is a beautiful village situated on Bristol Bay in Somerset, England. My family and I have visited there several times following our first visit in 1972. We will be returning with out children and grandchildren on August 5th before returning from England on the Q E II. We have stayed in or near Dunster village on several occasions and have found the residents and shop keepers to be very friendly. We have never met another person with the surname 'Dunster' living in or near the village but have met a lot of folks with this name near Dover, England. The first President of Harvard University, Henry Dunster, was a clergyman from England. When he expressed support for adult baptisms, as compared to infant baptism, he was asked to leave Harvard and he then returned to England. We have a small booklet with a history of Dunster village and would be pleased to purchase another copy this summer and mail it to you, if you wish. I would request payment which is about $10.00 and this should cover the cost of postage. Let me know by e-mail and I will take care of it on your behalf. Sincerely, (Rev.) Larry A. Dunster
Steve Edge, 49, from England wrote:
Dunster Castle is a major attraction in West Somerset. The Luttrell family have been associated with the Castle from the Middle Ages, although it is now in the care of the National Trust. The Castle has had a mostly peaceful existence, except for during the English Civil War, when some damage was sustained. The village of Dunster, overlooked by the Castle, is a “picture postcard” and attracts many many visitors. The nearby Minehead Railway (now the heritage West Somerset Railway running steam trains) and Minehead Harbour gained much through the Luttrells in the 1800s.

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