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Basic Info

Name: Norwich Castle
Location: Norwich
Country: England

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Visitor Accounts

Violet. 42, from Midwest USA, wrote:
Norwich castle has a wonderful dungeon, (if you are not a staying to serve time.) The tour there allows visitors to sit in a dunking chair. They strapped me in and it was very scary. They explain the witches trials and the “science ” of knowing from bumps on the head if you are a criminal. The view from on top the castle is beautiful. You can see the market and the whole town. Worth the time to visit!
Terri Strickland, 48, from USA, wrote:
Norwich Castle was started in 1100 after the battle of Hastings. It has a large moat and dungeons that you can tour - for a price, they even turn out the lights while you are down there. The castle itself has a museum inside and is well worth a visit, has stuffed birds and there eggs, stuffed lions, tigers, coins, paintings, ancient armour, stone age articles, There is a stone well. At one point the castle was a prison - the last person to be hung there was some time around 1884 -85.

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