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Pendennis Castle
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Pendennis Castle

Basic Info

Name: Pendennis Castle
Location: Falmouth
Country: England

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Visitor Accounts

Murray Vogt, 38, from western Canada, wrote:
I visited the castle in 1981 on my first and only trip to Britain. I sat on the big guns pointed at the harbor, looked at the armories and actually slept in what must have been near the dungeon cells in a barracks dorm. It was a youth hostel ! Me and my friend were the only ones there with a somewhat grouchy and suspicious caretaker/host. Once he realized we were just good Canadian lads with a taste for history he warmed up, and made a fantastic breakfast with eggs done right and stewed tomatoes. Falmouth was one of Henry VIII's when he wanted to defy France, the pope, and just about anyone. Then we enjoyed the afternoon with a brief sun through the fog near the shore, then we drove through Exmoor, regret when we didn't linger but from the road was very pretty. Will be looking for opportunities to go back with family, through business, or as a tour guide. While I'm here, I would like to find out more about what I think is Cairregkenen, in south Wales between Swansea and the Brecons I think. It was a hilltop ruin and looked quite old, with some towers and galleries still standing, but in addition to a great view it offered tunnels through a gated doorway that you could climb over, Without a flashlight though it was pitch black in the caves underneath. I had heard from inside the hill you can actually walk out and emerge It was unattended near some private land but would just like to know if it's still open and if anyone else has explored it. Send a picture of Pendennis and Carregkennen if you have one.
Pat Wallace, 66, from United Kingdom, wrote:
This is a Castle well worth visiting, especially at the present, as the noon-day gun is being fired daily. There are a lot of historical exhibits all around the grounds, ranging from gun-rooms in the castle, to WW2 defenses, and a wonderful piece on the electric mine field defending Falmouth Harbour in the 1800`s(amazing to think of a sophisticated defense like that at that time !!) The views of Falmouth Bay alone are worth the trip, and climb to the top of the Castle, and on top of that, the staff are very knowledgeable, and so very helpful. Do yourself a favor, and visit this Castle, and its sister Castle across the Bay, St Mawes Castle, similar, but different, I hope this review is helpful to you, I visited it on July 1st 2000,and stayed on over to the 2nd

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