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Thornbury Castle
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Thornbury Castle

Basic Info

Name: Thornbury Castle
Location: Thornbury, near Bristol
Country: England

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Visitor Accounts

Laura Sepac, 29, from Milan, Italy, wrote:
What a wonderful surprise this castle was. It was originally designed in 1509 for Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham, and it was one of the most magnificent building projects of its time, comparable only with Hampton Court as originally built for Thomas Wolsey. The execution of Buckingham on charges of treason brought building to a halt and the castle was virtually unoccupied until the mid-1800's when it was eventually restored (it has been converted into a magnificent hotel by its current owner, the Baron of Porthetlhen). Henry VIII and his second wife Anne Boleyn stayed there for ten days in 1535 and we apparently were assigned the same bed chamber they had slept in (the wonderful “Duke's Bed Chamber). All the rooms retain their original Tudor flavor and the feeling of being able to sleep in one of these rooms is just “something else”. The banquet halls are unimaginably beautiful (the food is just great) and the Tudor library is brimming with priceless books. I highly recommend this place. Great value.

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