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Turku Castle


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-====== Turku Castle ====== ​ 
-==== Basic Info ==== 
-Name:Turku Castle\\ 
-Location: Linnankatu\\ 
-Country: Finland\\ 
-==== Content ==== 
-{{ :​castlesoftheworld:​finland:​turku1.jpg?​300 |}} 
-The history of Turku Castle goes back to 1280'​s.\\ 
-In the course of the centuries, a fortified base built\\ 
-for the royal governor of Finland and his troops\\ 
-gradually expanded into a massive gray stone castle.\\ 
-Today, the castle is one of the most popular tourist\\ 
-attractions in Finland.\\ 
-Popular attractions in the Castle include the Stone,\\ 
-Bronze, Iron Age and Medieval Exhibitions,​ the scale\\ 
-models of "Duke John and Catherina Jagellonica"​\\ 
-displaying Renaissance court life, the prison where\\ 
-King Eric XIV was kept, medieval wooden sculptures,​\\ 
-and the collections of old toys and fire fighting\\ 
-equipment. For those interested in coins, medals and\\ 
-guns, there is also plenty to see.\\ 
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