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Puivert Castle
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Puivert Castle

Basic Info

Name: Puivert
Location: Aude (Pyrénées)
Country: France

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Visitor Accounts

Peter E Presford, 59, from Wales, wrote:
Regarding castle 'Puivert', I'm glad to say it is castle that saw more culture than combat. It never saw action in its present form, and following the treaty of the Pyrenees in 1659, ceased to have any military significance. It was not involved with the Cather castles like, Montsegur, Queribus etc. It is true to say that this was a castle of love, music, poetry. What remains of the older castle, fell after a three day siege as part of the Albingensian
Claudia, 25, from Italy wrote:
I visited this marvelous castle situated in Southern France last autumn: its silhouette drawl an incredible form in the sky, and I thought I was in an enchanted and magic world. This castle has all the charmer of the troubadours-style, because it was an important point of meeting of these love-poets…in the rooms of this castle you can still hear the voice and the melodies of their ancient instruments. Terre d'Oc: Occitan land… this castle is a little the symbol of the Occitan spirit, which is still very strong in the local population. Moreover, Puivert was a temporary refuge for the cathars, or albigensians, a very large group of heretics of the XII century who were persecuted by the roman church and by the royal army. Some say that when the French soldiers got at last into the castle they found nobody in there… the legend tells that the cathars had found a way out through a secret underground passage.. This event adds mystery to the castle. A curiosity: in the last movie by Roman Polansky, starring Johnny Depp, Puivert castle is shown, without telling its name, as the Devil castle…

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