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Basic Info

Name: Frankenstein Castle
Location: Magnetberg
Country: Germany

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Visitor Accounts

Audrey, 41, from Natick, Massachusetts, wrote:
I have been going to Germany since I was 3 years old. My grandmother lives in Eberstadt, Germany. Since then, I have been back at least 10 or 11 times. Every time I've gone, I have made it a point to go to the Frankenstein castle. Once you make it through the town of Eberstadt, there is a road that you can drive to the top or you can take the trails through the woods. I have always walked the trail. It is very beautiful. Last year, I took my 3 boys to meet their Great-Grandmother. I made it apoint to get them to this castle. It was a foggy day when we went and that made it even more awsome for them. I could have left them there for the day and they would have had the best time just pretending and imagining. I have many photos of them there and they all have t-shirts from the souvenir shop. They had a lot of fun. We walked up twice while we were there. I have been looking for this castle on your sight and cannot find it. It is a popular castle with a restaurant, a gift shop and a hotel. It is also rented out around Halloween time to the American soldiers and the have a party there. Please add the Burg Frankenstein castle to your list of Castles in Germany.
Bernd Turner, 39, from Pennsylvania, wrote:
I have an Aunt and Uncle that lives in a small town below this castle. As a boy we use to walk up to Castle Frankenstein every now and then just to see the valley below. I never really paid any attention to the history this castle had until recently which makes my visits there even more memorable. The last time I was in Germany( 5 years ago ) I again went to visit the castle. It has changed a great deal as it now has a paved road that leads to the castle and also a nice cafe where one can sit back and relax. I highly recommend anyone going to Germany to visit this castle. It not only has great views of the valley below, it can also provide you with the true meaning of what castle Frankenstein was all about.
Sandi Wasson, 47, from New Jersey, wrote:
Frankenstein Castle situated along the Rhine-Main district, is a sight to behold. Full of history & stories. This is where the legend of Sir George von Frankenstein unfolds. There was a dragon terrorizing the town, & only the fairest of maidens could be sacrificed to persuade the dragon to return to the brook in the Katzenborn. The ranger's daughter, Annemarie, known as the “Rose of the Valley”, would be sacrificed. Sir George, just returning from a war went out at dawn well-armed to face the dragon & rescue his secret love. After a long fight he rendered a deadly blow to the beast. The monster grabbed the knight's left leg, & in a dying effort injected poison into the bend of his knee & mortally wounding him. The brook turned dark from the dragon's blood, & to this day, lazily creeps along. Sir George's tombstone depicts him standing on the dragon as it's tail is wrapped around his leg. The castle when I was there in the late 1970's was being rebuilt/repaired. There are tours & a nice restaurant. Beautiful scenery from wherever you look.

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