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Harburg Castle
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Harburg Castle

Basic Info

Name: Harburg
Location: Near Nördlingen/Bavaria
Country: Germany

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Harburg Castle between Nördlingen and Donauwörth, high above the river Wörnitz, is one of the few undestroyed german castles. Inside it, you will believe to be in the the middle ages. It´s real, not a 19th century castle like Hohenzollern, Lichtenstein or Neuschwanstein. Harburg Castle is one of the oldest and largest castle complexes in Southern Germany. Situated along the Romantic Road it formed a very important military stronghold already during the reign of the Staufer-Kings (1079-1272). Since 1731 Harburg Castle is in the possession of the Oettingen-Wallerstein family.

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Visitor Accounts

Michelle Eichhorn, 40, from Summerfield, NC, USA, wrote:
Castle Harburg is a must see! The castle is in excellent condition. The chapel is beautiful. The tour guide did a wonderful job. We visited approximately 15 castles in Germany during our 2 week visit and this was our favorite. Excellent restaurant on the premises, as well.

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