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Basic Info

Name: Hozenzollern
Location: Germany, North-West
Country: Germany

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View of the castle taken on a rainy day by Thomas Broadfoot

Picture of the great hall, the floor is imported marble and during the tur you have to wear special slippers as not to mark the floor. Photo provided by Thomas Broadfoot.

Visitor Accounts

Jim, 37, from Charleston, Illinois US, wrote:
Traveling the back roads from Neushwangau to Hohenzollern via Trochtelfingen (sic?)(we found a wonderful 4 star restaurant/hotel there) my wife and I were lost when we finally found our way to this majestic castle. Of all of the castles that I have visited in Germany, this castle is my favorite. It is not on the beaten path and probably not as kempt or as “touristy” as other castles that we have seen, but what it lacks in demeanor, it surely makes up for in substance. This castle is rich in history and dates back to when the earliest Germanic tribes were “beating” on the Roman frontier. Prior to any fortifications and the present day castle being built here, the ancient pagan Germans worshipped the sun (zoll) here. The castle is the ancestral home to the German kings, from Otto in the early hundred's A.D., all the way to Kaiser Wilhelm II. I love the successive statues of the many German kings found in the castle's courtyard. The view from the castle, although not as spectacular as Neushwanstein's, is still pretty breathtaking and you can understand why the castle was built here. My final bias for this castle is because, being a genealogy buff, I actually found information linking one of my ancestors to Kaiser Wilhelm I (no… really)! ….Ein Bier, bitte!
K Martinez. 28, from Germany wrote:
I visited this amazing castle!! You have to take two buses to get there from the parking lot! It is on the corner on the top of a mountain and the sight from inside the castle to down it just take your breath away. This castle is standing since the 1400's with the Hohenzollern Family. There is a tour that you actually got to see inside the castle with special shoes and see pictures and furniture from that age. That is a castle that is simply unforgettable!!

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