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Kaiserburg Castle
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Kaiserburg Castle

Basic Info

Name: Kaiserburg
Location: Nurnberg
Country: Germany

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Visitor Accounts

Donna Johnson, from Minnesota, USA, wrote:
Kaiserburg is a fascinating castle. I never got to go on a tour on the inside, but stood many times in the outer courtyard. It is a very old castle, which luckily is almost entirely intact, surviving the bombing raids of WWII. Very little reconstruction needed to be done. It may not be as fancy as some castles, but it sheer antiquity and its place on top of the hill overlooking the city of Nurnberg is impressive. It makes for quite a spectacular view, either from the city itself, or standing in its courtyard, looking down at the city. It still has a moat as well. I would love to see interior pictures of it, and learn more of its history. It is a wonderful castle indeed!

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