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Basic Info

Name: Lichtenstein
Location: Baden-Wurttemberg
Country: Germany

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Perched on a rock high above the valley floor, a product of the romantic passion for castles in the nineteenth century. It was built from 1840 to 1841 by Duke Wihelm of Urach.

Visitor Accounts

Eloise, 40, from NorthCentral USA, wrote:
Of the handful of castles I visited while stationed in Germany (US Army) I found Castle Lichtenstein to be the most romantic. The structure, location, and air of this castle is what I had imagined in my mind when reading historical romance novels during the Medieval Age with Knights and fair maidens whisked away to their 'new home'. Absolutely beautiful! A true Castle.
J. Peacock, 55, from California, wrote:
This is a romantic fantasy castle like Neuschwanstein, but in miniature. It captured my imagination more than Neuschwanstein, though, because it was so compact and perfectly proportioned. I have chosen it as my personal favorite.
Deanna, 42, from Midwest, wrote:
My husband, two daughters (5yrs & 3 yrs) & I visited this castle on a snowy day about 13 years ago. Not a soul was around and we were able to wander the grounds by ourselves in approx. 8“ of snow that covered everything like whipped cream. It was cold and magnificent. We had to make a trip later in the spring to tour the interior of the castle, but will never forget our trek in the snow
Jim Mossman, 72, from midwest, wrote:
Liechtenstein Castle…not to be confused with Liechtenstein , the country, is my favorite of all castle's I have seen in my many trips to Europe
Walter Robert Hoenes, 35, from Washington,DC, wrote:
I have visited dozens of castles and have not found one more captivating than Schloss Liechtenstein. It's not the largest. It doesn't have the history of some others. It was for me, however, the most aesthetically pleasing of them all. Very romantic - without the crowds seen at the Bavarian castles. There is just something special about this one.
Shelly McGee, 23, from Shelly McGee, wrote:
I visited this castle when I was fourteen and it was beautiful. There were a lot of tourists and the landscape was absolutely fabulous! If you ever have the opportunity I suggest visiting this castle, I hope to go back someday

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