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Basic Info

Name: Ludwigsburg
Location: Near Stuttgart
Country: Germany

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Visitor Accounts

Amy, 23, from Kalamazoo, MI, USA, wrote:
I don't remember this castle as well as I would like to (since I was an exchange student and didn't know more than about 10 words of German), but I was impressed nevertheless. Located in a city setting (but surrounded by walls), I visited here on the 4th of July, 1994. There's a guided tour through the castle, though they don't give an English narration until after they've finished the other one (you can also rent cassette tape narrations). What struck me the most about this tour was the beauty of the original furnishings; apparently they were once going to be restored, but the organization didn't have enough money to restore everything. I actually think it's more interesting that the originals retain intact, because they add to the grandeur and beauty of each room. I've never seen this castle listed; I only went there because of my host family, but I will always be grateful!

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