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Basic Info

Name: Marksburg
Location: Rhine
Country: Germany

Visitor Accounts

Grant Anderson, 21, from Nebraska, wrote:
The Marksburg is unique because of its authenticity. It was never destroyed and rebuilt, and it never suffered a “romantic” restoration in the 19th century. It is one of the few genuine middle ages castles left. It was used as a prison for awhile, and changed hands several times before being purchased by a German castle preservation society in 1900. The only attack the castle ever faced was on the very last day of WW2. An American artillery crew shelled the large keep in the center, knocking about a third off of it. It was repaired shortly afterward, and is still in a state of continual maintenance/repair. If there was an English tour, I missed it, but I found a translator in the group. Marksburg has a surprising amount of original equipment inside, from a group of intact cannons to original paintings in the chapel. The hill it sits on makes it as picturesque as defensible. I visited about fifteen castles on my trip, and Marksburg was about number two or three in my opinion. There are lots of castles on the Rhine, but this one is special.
Mindy, from Idaho, US, wrote:
If you are in that area, this is a nice castle to see. Make sure and read the history behind it - it's interesting
Wendy, 31, from Kansas City, wrote:
I have been to many castles, including the castles on the Rhine. Many of these castles are hard to get to but, wonderful medieval castle. It is mostly intact, and went on the 45 minute English tour. Also you can explore for a long as you like. I went with a friend. Germany is a safe nice country. As a women, I felt totally safe.

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