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Basic Info

Name: Plon
Location: Plon
Country: Germany

Visitor Accounts

John Altoft, from Canada, wrote:
Plon castle is located in northern Germany, about 30 min south of Kiel Germany. My ancestors used to own this castle in the 18th century, they were dukes of Denmark (this part of Germany used to belong to Denmark), eventually some descendants went to Norway. My ancestors are entombed in granite coffins in the crypt of the castle and we had the opportunity to visit this crypt on a special tour in 1997.The castle is not really open to tourists mainly because it is a school now. There are a few room that have been preserved. We have found out that it seems to be here that Le Marquis de LaFayette fled from France in exile from Napoleon Bonaparte and stayed with his Danish friends. The indirect descendants were William Plon who was a shrewd businessman in Oslo Norway. He was a glassmaster and was partly responsible for the building of the cathedral in Oslo. He also helped rebuild the stained glass windows of many church's in the great Chicago fires of 1850's or so. He was my Great grand father.

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