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Basic Info

Name: Quedlinburg
Location: Quedlinburg
Country: Germany


Visitor Accounts

Cynog Harris von Rauchfuss, 43, from Wales, wrote:
The castle and the view across Quedlinburg into the distance are magnificent. The whole place reeks of history. You should also visit the ancient Wiperti Church where old Quedlinburg families (Baentsch, Koch, Rauchfuss, Dippe, Mette, Sperling, Kratzenstein) are buried in a fascinating graveyard of historic interest. It's no wonder Quedlinburg is a World Heritage Site. I guarantee you'll enjoy yourself if you go.
Mary Beckham, 21, from Upstate New York, USA, wrote:
We have been to this castle several times. Of most interest is the road leading up to the castle. It is covered with stones, and was so steep that a type of pulley was used to help bring the wagons up to the top, you can see that the stones are very shiny and there are deep ruts from the wheels. The castle itself is built into the stone mountain. From the garden at the top, you can see all over Quedlingburg, just awesome.

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