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Reinfels Castle
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Reinfels Castle

Basic Info

Name: Reinfels
Location: St. Goar
Country: Germany

Visitor Accounts

Pete, 44, from Idaho, wrote:
We visited St. Goar and Burg Rheinfels in June 2000. It was an impressive and interesting castle and a fascinating look into years gone by. Wonderful views of the Rhine River and the constant barge traffic. Unfortunately, we had just arrived in Frankfurt from the states about 3 hours earlier and were all in a state of jet lag. It would have been better if we were rested. Well worth the visit, however. Also recommended by Rick Steves in his tour books.
Nancy from Texas wrote:
My husband and I visited Germany in June 2000 to see some castles. We toured the grounds of Castle Reinsfel at St. Goar. The ruins were full of history and we could just imagine the life from that period. Also two castles across the river were beautiful. Castle Katz is beuatiful though is privately owned and can not be viewed inside. Castle Maus we are planning to go back to to tour. There are so many castles on the Rhine it is hard to visit all at once.

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