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Rhine River
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Rhine River

Basic Info

Name: Rhine River Castles
Location: Rhine River
Country: Germany


The Rhine River is one of the most important waterways in Germany and is linked by canals to other major rivers in Western Europe. Many German manufacturing and industrial cities are located along the Rhine, and the river is important for shipping and transportation. The castles of the Rhine Valley.
All Germany is rich in castles but the romantic Rhine Valley - the heartland of the old Holy Roman Empire - has a particularly high density of important important medieval military buildings. Some are ruins, but many, like Marksburg Castle, have survived the ravages of war, fire and neglect . Some are fascinating windows into the age of chivalry and the development of this fascinating form of military construction.

The castles of the Rhine which are such a characteristic feature of the river landscape, were created by the martial spirit of the Middle Ages as purely defensive structures, devoid of all romantic notions, They were built by powerful rulers over sacred and secular territories, on hilltops, and in the lowlands as moated castles to protect their manorail estates and their inhabitants. In most cases the work of breaking the stones and erecting the massive walls and turrets as done by feudal serfs. Goethe's journey down the Rhine in 1774 was the start of the Age of romanticism. From the beginning of the 19th. century on wars, The Rhine Valley became a centre of attractions for tourist from many European countries. This area is also interesting and attractive for the visitors is not only the large number of castles, but also charming, old world little towns surrounded by fortified walls, towers and gates, churches and wine growing villages.

Visitor Accounts

Robert Churchward, 49, from Pacific North West, wrote:
My wife and I travel down the Rhine and saw all these castles. And it's was a great trip, and seeing these castle only re-called our trip, Germany is keep clean all the time, and these castles are a must.
Rebecca Hidalgo, 10, from Cancun, Mexico
When I was 6 years old I went to Koln it is a very beautiful city and its very peaceful. One day I went in a boat in the Rhine river and I must say it was very nice and there a lot of castles I saw like 10 or 15 castles, very nice castles so I recommend you to go if you can, remember there are many castles of all sizes, colors and stiles.
Gigi, from Florida, wrote:
I grew up in Germany. For our graduation, my class and another graduation class went on a trip down the river Rhine. It was beautiful of course, especially in the spring time. We stayed overnight in many old castles along the river since many castles have been converted to youth hostels. By the way that is still nowadays a cheap way to see Europe, Germany especially. Many youth hostells are also open for families with kids and for older folks.
Fenir from Germany, age 18, wrote:
Review: There are a lot of beautiful castles along the Rhine river. Most of them are rather small, and a lot of them are in ruins, but there is a great variation of them. They are usually placed on a hill or small mountain along the river because their owners usually lived off the taxes they collected from merchants wanting to travel through their area. Some of the castles have recently been restored and are now accessible again. You can get a great view of them by taking a train that travels along the side of the river, for example between Bonn and Würzburg.

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