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Scharfenstein Castle
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Scharfenstein Castle

Basic Info

Name: Burg Scharfenstein
Location: Zschopautal/Erzgebirge
Country: Germany

Visitor Accounts

Stuart Phelan, 23, from South carolina, USA wrote:
I found Burg Scharfenstein to be picturesque and historical. Portions of the mediaeval fortress, including the keep are preserved, which are often missing from many renovated fortresses; as a military historian this is of particular interest to me. The site is superb, nestled deep in the mountains near the Czech border (near Augustusburg, just past Zschopau), far away from the mainstream tourist routes (and crowds). The still unspoiled environment and small town lying at the foot of the crag supporting the Burg add to the experience, as does the pleasant train ride in and out. Saxony (Sachsen) offers many excellent sites for the traveler willing to choose the road less taken. Dresden, with the possible exception of Prague, is the most beautiful European city that I have visited. Anyone enchanted by the Nutcrakers and Smokingmen that decorate homes around the world at Christmas time will be interested in the Erzgebirge; it is the origin of this traditional art and local craftsmen still produce in the old way. I recommend anyone not possessing a meager grasp of the German language that you bring your phrase book, since English is not as widely spoken as in former East Germany as in the western part of the country.

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