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Trausnitz Castle
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Trausnitz Castle

Basic Info

Name: Trausnitz Castle
Location: Landshut by the Isar
Country: Germany


“St. Martin's Kirche” - view from the Trausnitz Castle, Landshut by the Isar, Germany. The photo was taken from an open window within St. George Chapel which is inside Trausnitz castle. Date:April 3, 1988.

The Trausnitz Castle, built by the Bavarian Duke Ludwig in 1204 serving as a stronghold and residence to the Duke's court, overlooks the Isar river settlement known as Landshut. Inside the castle, the “cabinet room” features an original painting of Wilhelm I and his wife. In another, three middle age wall sized tapestries hang on the twenty foot high walls. These brilliantly colored tapestries depict historical experiences of Otho.

Further inside the castle there is a private chapel named for St. George where a larger than life size, hand-carved crucifix hangs in the center of the chapel. The chapel was beautified with many hand-carved stone adornments. The colorful and intricate statue of St. George was carved of wood.

Because of its strategic location, breathtaking views of the church of St. Martin and surrounding town of Landshut can be seen from several rooms inside Trausnitz castle. The best view in town of the Isar river can be seen standing next to the Wittelsback Tower along the castle walls.

Information and photo provided by Charles Cabaniss, 33, from Washington, DC USA

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