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Wildeck Castle
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Wildeck Castle

Basic Info

Name: Schloss Wildeck
Location: Zschopau/Sachsen (Saxony)
Country: Germany

Visitor Accounts

Stuart Phelan, 23, from Charleston, South Carolina, wrote:
Zchopau and Schloss Wildeck offer the traveler an excellent chance to see an old German market town. The castle has a huge donjon (or keep) which is five or six stories tall and offers a panorama of the entire valley; the view is well worth the stairs. Zschopau's market district, adjoining the Schloss, is an excellent site for shopping and acquiring the famed Erzgebirge Nutcrackers and Smokingmen. I recommend making a day trip, visiting Burg Scharfenstein, Augustusburg, and any of the regions small castles if time allows. (see Burg Scharfenstein for more information).

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