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Deva Citadel
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Deva Citadel

Basic Info

Name: Deva Citadel
Location: Deva
Country: Hungary

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The Following information was provided by Michael Bodea. Thank you for your collaboration .
This is the hilltop citadel overlooking the city of Deva (Hungarian: Deva, German: Schlossburg, Diemrich).
It was built in the 13th century. During the 15th century it was owned by Ioannus Corvinus (Johann Huniad). In the 16th century the authorities decided the citadel was too strategically important and therefore it cannot be the property of any noble family anymore. In the 16th century it was repaired and enlarged, after being besieged several times by the Turks. Unfortunately the citadel remained intact until the 19th century when it was besieged and the armory blew up. Since then, the castle lies in ruins.

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