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Basic Info

Name: Esterhazy
Location: Fertog
Country: Hungary


Entrance: A symetrical courtyard flanked on both sides with marble statues and fountains; in the center position, there is an elaborate staircase leading down from the main salon. Photo by John Spreitz.

Fountain: One of the two facing fountains of beautifully carved marble.
Photo by John Spreitz.

Photo by John Spreitz.

Gate: One of two pedestrian gates flanking a larger gate for carriages. This detail view shows some of the elaborate wrought iron work.
Photo by John Spreitz.

Servant's Quarters: This is one of two matching buildings set across the road from the main entrance to the palace. We were told that one building housed musicians and artisans and the other was for less priviledged servants.
Photo by John Spreitz.

Staircase: A detail view of the staircase leading down from the main salon into the courtyard; your's truly is immortalized here.
Photo by John Spreitz.

Visitor Accounts

John Spreitz, 60, from California, USA, wrote:
In Oct. 1999, we visited the Esterhazy castle in Hungary. Because of the poor economic situation in Hungary, this castle is only minimally maintained. Also it is not as well furnished a most castles in western Europe. We were told that the Esterhazy family fell into political disfavor because of their allegiance with the Hapsburgs and, after the loss in World War I, the Esterhazy family simply left for Austria and abandoned this property. It is a delightful structure with careful details; the remaining statuary are evidence of the Esterhazy family's excellent taste for art. Only a small portion of the castle is open to visit: mostly the entrance hall and main halls. Photos are not permitted inside the castle. The grounds are simply maintained but they still give a clear idea of how graciously they must have once looked. I hope that funds can be found to properly keep up this property and to preserve it in the future.

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