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Basic Info

Name: Bunratty
Location: Clare
Country: Ireland

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In 1277 Sir Thomas de Clare built a stone castle and a town grew up around its walls. Bunratty and the surrounding town were burnt down by the widow of the son of Sir Thomas. Bunratty passed back and fort between the Irish and the English until 1450 when Macon MacSioda Macnamara and his son Sean Finn erected the present castle.

Visitor Accounts

Emil, 31, form Singapore, wrote:
BunRatty Castle has undergone quite a few changes since the last report. Most notably is the addition of a banquet that the public can partake in. This has been made a twice nightly event and guests will be treated to a medieval feast, complete with singing and music by the excellent BunRatty singers. The food is great, as are the performances. A real treat for the senses. More info can be obtained from this link:
Liam Jennings, 10, from Ballincollig Co. Cork, wrote:
I thought that Bunratty Castle was extremely interesting. We saw the main hall where they ate and the dungeon where they kept prisoners. I also sat on the Lord's chair, I felt so powerful. They even had indoor toilets with a hole out through the wall. It was a wonderful experience.
Christine, 20, from California USA, wrote:
I visited this castle when I took a trip to Ireland, and it was unbelievable. It was a magnificent and amazing sight, and my friends and I could not say one thing when we spotted this historical structure. We just looked at it with our mouths opened wide, it was incredible. Everyone has to visit this castle at least once in his or her life time because I certainly did not regret visiting Bunratty.
Whyte' Madigan, 46, from Freehold, NJ, USA, wrote:
Our family of 5, went to Bunratty Castle in 1995, 1999 and 2000. The castle is wonderful. Two things come to mind about this castle. First was the Taco Stand outside, it was great to take pictures and tell everyone we traveled to Ireland for the Tacos, second was the historical insight of this and other castles, we never knew that William Penn was here during a siege. We travel to Ireland regularly and always try to see Bunratty, the best Meade is here!!
Michael Paoli, 48, from Utha, wrote:
I was at Bunratty Castle only a few weeks ago. The castle is one of the best preserved in Ireland, and is furnished in late medieval style. the folk park is nice as well, as you get to see what the Irish lived like in the nineteenth century. We were there in November, and they had peat fires burning in the little cottages. We in fact stayed in a cottage in Donegal that was modernized, but other than the plumbing and the cement floor it was just like the cottages in Bunratty Folk Park.
Joe Tracey, 40, from Austin, Tx, wrote:
At the age of 11 in 1971 my Dad was transferred to Shannon, Ireland. The drive by Bunratty Castle was always a thrill for us, especially at night, with the spotlight illumination. We did enjoy the banquet with mead and all - was that great food or what? I lived very near Tullyglass hill and remember a small castle on the other side of the Shannon River. Does anyone know the name or history of that one? Till then,
Amy, from Pennsylvania, USA, wrote:
I visited Bunratty Castle in 1983 while I was vacationing in Ireland. The medieval banquet was terrific - it included mead, which was delicious, lovely music, the fun of having someone from our group chosen as the “Lord of the Manor” who had to taste everything before it was served to the rest, and wonderful atmosphere. I'd recommend it to anyone who visits Ireland.
Kay Williams, from Oklahoma, USA
For those planning a trip to Ireland, Bunratty Castle is very much worth a visit. It is well presented in the historic theme park which surrounds it. We visited it on a May morning. There were no crowds and no lines. The castle is well preserved, there are lots of stairs, but castle lovers expect that, right?
We gained a great deal of insight into castle structure and castle life at Bunratty.
J. A. Scott, 48 from Washington State, USA, wrote:
Visiting Bunratty castle was a wonderful experience, as was our entire trip to Ireland. Bunratty is very well preserved. The folk park is a wonderful addition, one I and my husband thoroughly enjoyed. We went in the middle part of June, which we have been told is a better time to visit Ireland than in July and August when the tourism trade is at its height. Thanks for letting me “spout off” about Bunratty. It's great! P.S. We also visited Aughnanure castle and King John's. J. A. Scott
Kenneth Aquilina, 39, from Malta, wrote:
I recently visited the Bunratty Castle & Folk Park. The whole area is simply fantastic. The setup and display are very well laid out and realistic. My only complaint is that on arriving at the castle we had to stop at the entrance just because an American school band was playing in the forecourt of the castle. Surely all the people wanted to visit the castle and not have to stand around listening to teenagers playing modern music which incidentally jarred completely with the surroundings. Otherwise, once again, congrats on a job very well done.
Carol Ann McMahon, 20, from Ireland, wrote:
I worked in Bunratty Castle for the last two summers as an entertainer and it is a great place to work as well as to visit. It captures the essence of the Irish heritage. There are two medieval banquets every night during the summer and also banquets during the year subject to demand. The evening includes a brief history of the castle and a drinks reception before the meal. During the meal there is singing and music to delight every kind of tourist and all the entertainers are clad in traditional medieval dress. It is a superb experience , one not to be missed!!
Carolina Gutierrez, 23, from Chile, wrote:

Bunratti is a great castle…well I just saw it in the TV but their history is amazing it was the first castle in Ireland I guess and was very important for English kingdom well, I love medieval history I want to learn more about it

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