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Basic Info

Name: Fenis
Location: Val d' Aosta
Country: Italy

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Visitor Accounts

Tina Marincic, 38, from Wyoming, USA, wrote:
he castle shown is not Fenis. We visited Fenis this last June, and it is just how I have always pictured the Lord's castle to be. I loved it! I would like to be able to find more pictures and more information than the booklet we got when we visited. I loved the 3 legged stools at the table. and the huge fireplaces. Just a wonderful place to see.
John Albright, 44, from Indianapolis, IN USA, wrote:
Driving to Germany from Italy, along a road lined with what seemed like dozens of castles, we stopped in Aosta and discovered Fenis. Although we had seen other castles up close, Fenis was absolutely amazing. We discussed the thought that this was the epitome of what we envisioned Castles to be. We left feeling that if we didn't see another castle on our trip, we were satisfied we had fulfilled our desire to “see some castles”. The whole valley was a sheer delight. Thanks!
Claudio Dati, 43, from Valle d'Aosta, Italy, wrote:
The picture you display under the name of Castle of Fenis it is actually the castle named Sarriod de la Tour in the small town of Saint Pierre. Saint Pierre is located some 20 km west of Fenis. I grew up in Aosta and know the region and their castles pretty well.
Samuel Jeffrey Soegeng, 14, from Indonesia wrote:
Fenis Castle, which located at Val d'Aosta, was built in 1330 by Prince Challant, who owned the valley. This castle is still in good condition now, that we can see many frescoes on its walls, the original households that were put there by the past owner

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