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Sacra di San Michele
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Sacra di San Michele

Basic Info

Name: Sacra di San Michele
Location: Torino- Rivoli Avigliano
Country: Italy, North West.

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Visitor Accounts

Giacinto Chiosso, 42, from Italy, wrote:
I live in Italy near Turin, i.e. few miles away castles mentioned in the review…
1) Sacra di San Michele is located in the town “Saint Ambrogio di Susa” near Avigliana (terminated with “A” not “O”)
2)Rivoli castle now is restored and is now one of the most impressive Modern Art National Museums in Italy
3) the “Iron Mask” castle is located in the town of Exilles, few miles west of Susa (follow direction: France)
Guerda H. Foti, a senior from Ontario Canada, wrote:
Sacra San Michele is perched on a mountain North of Turin and the stairs leading into the upper interior are hewn into the existing rock. A large number of royals are buried there and the walls in the burial chamber are covered in frescos. The saying is that soldiers were pursuing a young women during a war (middle ages) and she jumped the steep cliff walls, escaping uninjured. Some years later, because she was challenged about the truth of the story, she repeated the jump and then died. There is also a monastery attached were the monks used to live and work. Excellent architecture (I think it is Gothic, but I am not entirely sure). Also, in close by Turin there is the SOPERGA, which is the burial place of the Italian Royal Family with many, many sarcophaghy. In close by Rivoli is a ruin of the Savoi Family. There used to be talk of having the castle restored and building a Casino in the old ruin. Rivoli itself is an old city which used to have been closed in, at least partially, by walls. Then, as you drive further into the mountains on the way to Sestriere, you come to the castle that was said to have housed the “man with the Iron Mask”. (If I remember correctly, it is located in Sousa or very close to it)

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