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Vigevano Castle
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Vigevano Castle

Basic Info

Name: Vigevano
Country: Italy

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Photo provided by Luca

Visitor Accounts

Gianluca, 29, from Italy wrote:
In my town (vigevano) we have the biggest fortified complex, in Europe (100.000 mt sq.).NOBODY KNOWS IT ! Built on a hill dominating the Ticino river, from the XIV sec. , in the 1319 was chosen by the Sforza' s Family…..
Our castle had been closed for more then 30 years an now is opening again his huge doors… The biggest castle of Europe is in in Italy. In Vigevano, 30 km from Milan. In the main square, you will find a big stair…above it, you will discover the Castle Sforzesco di Vigevano… Jump between medieval and Renaissance, leave Your eyes and Your soul taste the art.

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