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Basic Info

Name: Chapultepec Castle
Location: Mexico City
Country: Mexico

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Visitor Accounts

Josean Poet, 45, from Mexico, wrote:
Chapultepec is so magic because his history. Love this place any time of the year.
Selena, 20, from USA, wrote:
This is where the new version of Romeo and Juliet 1996 was filmed in for the shot of Juliet's bedroom, the elevator shot, the pool scene, Gloria Capulet's room, and the living
Luisa Banos, 39, from Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico, wrote:
I love this castle, an icon on Mexico's rich history. I have been there many times, every time I go there I have the opportunity to observe its corners in more detail, it is a National History Museum worth visiting! It's history dates back to the 14th Century when an Aztec King started to built it. Hernan Cortez made it its residence after the Spanish Conquest, but the Castle became a public park in 1530. During the French invasion in the 1800s, the castle was conditioned to be the residence of emperor Maximilian of Hapsburg and his wife Carlotta. But it was the dictator Porfirio Diaz who decorated the palace with exquisite European taste and style. One can admire such splendor of European lifestyle those days when visiting this museum.
Nora Edith Hernandez Granados, 18, from Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico, wrote:
This castle is really incredible, it is on “Bosque de Chapultepec” in Mexico City, many years ago, there in that place lived a Mexican group (before de Spanish Conquest), they named this place “Chapultepec” that means “Cerro del Chapul�n”, but then they had to go to another place. There's a really interesting history about this castle. When the United States invaded M�xico in this castle lived some part of the M�xico�s army, and obviously they wanted to protect their flag, so 13 kids took the choice of die before the U.S.A. army got the Mexican Flag. But that's not the end of the History of this castle. Maximiliano de Hapsburg was invited by Mexican conservator's with France help to be the Mexican Emperor. Maximiliano and his wife (Carlota) lived in Chapultepec's Castle, and then he was shut. Benito Juarez, who was president of this country also lived here. Now this Castle is a museum, and I just can't find the words to describe how amazing this castle is. How ever, I beg you to visit Chapultepec
A castle lover from Mexico wrote:
I want from you to add MEXICO, believe it or not in Mexico are two real castles (no like in USA, i think those are imitations). Yes these are real Imperial Palaces. Chapultepec Castle, is a very famous castle in Mexico, where Maximiliano de Habsburgo lives and die, then was the presidents official residence, nowadays the castle is the Mexican History Museum.

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