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Name: Peles Castle
Location: Sinai
Country: Romania

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It is apt that Romania's most exquisite castle should lie in the “Pearl of the Carpatians. The magnificent royal palace, with its fairytale turrets and pointed towers rising above acres of green meadows sprinkled with haystacks, was built as a summer residence by Romania's longest serving monarch, King Carol I. It was the first castle in Europe to have central heating and electricity. During Ceausescu's era, its 160 rooms were used as a private retreat for leading communists and statesmen from around the globe. US president Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, Libyan leader Moamar Gaddafi and PLO leader Yasser Arafat were all entertained by the Romanian dictator in Pele's fanciful rooms, each furnished to reflect a different European country.

Construction started on the 3500sq. metre edifice, built in a predominantly German Renaissance style in 1875. The first part - where Carol lived- was completed eight years later. More than 400 craftsmen labored on the palace which finally completed 39 years later, just months before the king died 1914.

Rembrandt reproductions line the walls of the king's office while rows of books in the library conceals a secret passage leading to the 2nd. floor of the castle. There is a gallery of mirrors and the dining room has a leather clad ceiling. Scenes from age old Romanian fairytales adorn the stained glass windows in the poetry room

In the Florence hall, Michelangelo's reproductions hang below a ceiling carved from glide linden wood. The Venetian room is equally impressive.

Peles castle remained closed from 1947 to 1975 when it was briefly opened as a museum. fallowing the extensive renovation work it reopened in 1990.

Visitor Accounts

Michael Bodea, 20, from Canada, wrote:
The Bavarian fairy tale-like Peles castle, built by king Karl (r. Carol) Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen of Romania in 1883, together with its adjacent buildings including litle Pelishor castle are a must for everyone that travels to Transylvania. Located in the pintoresque Prahova Valley, in the spa town of Sinaia, the castle and the adjacent buildings beautifully combines renaissance and baroque style and the saxon style wooden framing. The castle itself was built as a summer residence but is now a museum with artifacts including medieval armory. The castle is open to public and during the busy tourist season you will find yourself among crowds of tourists.
Feruz Hunaish, 21, from Sweden, wrote:
Magnificent, well worth seeing, a fairytale castle with cultural treasures
Mike Montgomery, 37, from Atlanta Georgia USA, wrote:
If you ever plan a trip to Romania, the Peles Palace in Sinaia is a definite “must see”. The palace and expansive grounds are exquisite. Its setting in the Prahova Valley and the surrounding Carpathian Mountains is breathtaking. When visiting, keep in mind the upper floors of the palace are normally not open to the public, however, most foreigners have an excellent chance of being invited to tour the private apartments of the former royal family (an extra $5 tip or so to the tour guide is well worth the opportunity). You can also buy tickets to tour Pelisor, the gracious manor house where the royal family lived while the main palace was being constructed. In addition, there are quaint shops and a cafe in the former support buildings of the palace. Subject to availability, there are villas available to rent on the estate. The town of Sinai is a delightful summer and winter resort. It is a great place to ski cheaply and there are many reasonable hotels.

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