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Basic Info

Name: Dunvegan Castle
Country: Skye
Country: Scotland

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This romantic fortress is still occupied by the Macleod family whose ancestors erected it in the Middle Ages. The present structure is a nineteenth-century transformation of a castle that was begun in the thirteenth century.

Dunvegan stands on the top of a rock projecting into the sea. The first detectable building is the substantial gnat tower, 14.6 x 10.7 metres (4B x 35 ft), which stands in the north-east and which has been embellished. The tower has 32metre thick walls, and it is used today, among other things, to display many historic Scottish relics. One early feature of the castle still visible is the remnant of a sea gate which enabled the castle to receive supplies if the landward side was blockaded by enemies.

Visitor Accounts

Rebecca Bishop, 35, from Los Angeles, California, wrote:
Dunvegan Castle is surrounded by a legend of fairy folklore. It seems that a McCleod chieftain fell in love with and married a fairy. While he aged she didn't and had to leave him to return to her fairy folk. She gave him a magical silk flag that guaranteed the McCleod family victory over all enemies. You can see this very old and tattered flag on display in the castle that is open daily from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM from April thru October.

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