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Name: Berlanga de Duero
Location: Soria
Country: Spain

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This castle was built on a long gradual slope cut by a deep ravine. Along with the castles of Gormaz, Osma, and San Esteban, it formed one of the “gateways” to Castile during the medieval period, securing communications along the river Duero.
The present structure is a combination of separate buildings. The first is based on an old Arab fortress, reinforced after the Christian conquest. The square principal tower belongs to this first campaign, although it has later additions. In the sixteenth century, a square palace-fortress was built around this earlier construction, with bulging round towers on the corners containing embrasures for artillery.

Ferdinand I of Castile and Alfonso VI took Berlanga after they conquered Toledo. The area probably remained virtually uninhabited until it was repopulated in the twelfth century, perhaps to prevent an invasion from Aragon. During the time of Don Alvaro de Luna, the region was the scene of fighting between warring bands of nobles. The duke of Frias was given the fortress by Charles V in the sixteenth century, and in 1527 he rebuilt it after damages suffered during the revolt of the communeros. He adorned the castle with splendid gardens and an enormous and luxurious interior. The sons of the French king, Francis I, were held hostage here.
The present state of the castle is not very good, although the walls of both enclosures are preserved in a rather mutilated state, as are parts of the wall that enclosed the city.

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