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Basic Info

Name of castle: Consuegra
Location: Coca, Toledo
Country: Spain

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The fortress of Consuegra rises in the center of a range of hills, dominating the broad Machegan plain and is exposed to the winds that drive the windmills surrounding it.

The fortress of the castle-convent type belongs to the early years of the Reconquest. It was the original seat of the military Order of Saint John of Jerusalem.
It has three enclosures, of which the outer one forms an enormous long bailey to the north ending with a pair of small angular towers. The second enclosure consists of another ring of walls close to the main body of the castle. It is square in plan, although the south side is angular.

The principal fortification, now a pile of ruins, has a strange layout that, except for its large size, is similar to an English “keep.”' To the south, and completely isolated from the rest, rises the principal tower, which is connected to the castle by a bridge from the second story. On the west side are traces of a chapel that can be dated from the thirteenth century because of some fragments of rib vaulting.

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