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Basic Info

Name: Sabada
Location: Cinco Villas. between Aragon and Navarra.
Country: Spain

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The castle of Sadaba is located in the Cinco Villas region on the border between Aragon and Navarra, which formed the frontier between Christians and Moslems in the tenth and eleventh centuries. For this reason, a number of castles and fortified churches were built here in those years.

The castle is built on a rocky platform and looks like a work of the early thirteenth century. It has four sides with six rectangular towers armed with semicircular windows and loopholes. The main gate at one corner shows Islamic influence. The court of arms still contains the remains of a Cistercian chapel and some other rooms.

The site must have been first occupied in the eleventh century, and throughout most of the Middle Ages the castle served as a base for Navarrese raids into frontier territory. By the beginning of the seventeenth century the castle was already abaned.

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